WIFI connected but no Internet

It may or not be related, but I had a strange issue this morning when I unplugged my phone I noticed I had no cell connection and when I went to ‘Mobile Network’ all the options were greyed out and would not allow me to change them. When I went to the Republic app it told me to install my SIM!! I powered it down and back up again and it took me to a screen that said my number was not established, and to reboot.
When I rebooted my cell network had returned to normal. WiFi was connected with no internet and I am finding that if I switch back and forth between the two nodes about 5-6 times I it get connected. So perhaps I have bigger problems ahead. I was not ready for another phone by a long ways. :frowning:

How did the Safe Mode instruction you’got’ differ from those that Republic Help published … so that information can be passed back to them for possible correction of the Help doc.

The help doc from Republic was very clear and that is what I used today and it worked precisely as it was described. I do not recall how I found safe mode yesterday, probably just from searching from my desktop - and as is the usual case, everyone one on the web has their own flavor of help (often misguided) and I didn’t take the time to do proper diligence.

The term Safe Mode in the Republic Wireless user forum is one of the many ‘keywords’ that are auto linked to the appropriate Safe Mode – Republic Help document. This was provided by Republic’s folks (through the efforts of @southpaw) to easily refer folks to the appropriate doc without introducing the usual copy/paste & typo that would otherwise occur.

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