WiFi connection issues


Phone does not always connect to WiFi.

What phone do you have?
Moto X Second Generation

What plan are you on?
Republic Refund Plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
talk, text and .5Gb data included

Issue Description

In the last two weeks, my Moto X randomly drops and reconnects to WiFi. Sometimes I have to manually connect. It happens at the coffee shop, grocery store and at home. As I write this, I am seated approximately 9 feet from a router and the connection icon in the top left will turn off for a time and then reconnect. I have 4 routers in my home so I am never further than 25 feet from a router at any time I am home. I also notice that when I arrive at a WiFi spot, the phone sometimes takes up to 5 minutes to automatically switch from cell to WiFi. It is quite irritating. I have done a system cache clear a couple of time in the last two weeks. I uninstalled every unused app on the phone.

I am on the Republic Refund plan and I noticed this last bill by cell usage went up considerably. This is odd because my time away from WiFi spots has actually decreased. I am retired and I travel from home very, very little.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I’m sure someone is going to suggest a new phone which would require a new plan but I am on a fixed income (Social Security) and I can’t afford a new phone and the new plan would cost me almost double what the Refund plan does.


I can suggest the Motorola guided troubleshooting (https://support.motorola.com/us/en/troubleshooter). Do you do anything differently with Bluetooth lately? Have you tried turning Bluetooth off to see if it helps?


I have never used Bluetooth since I’ve owned the phone. I did check to be sure it was turned off and it is. I did refer to the troubleshooting guide you linked. I followed every step and the problem did not resolve.

Thank you


Correction! I did every step EXCEPT factory reset. I’ll do that later today when I work up the courage.


The factory reset seems to have helped. Just a bummer getting everything back like I had it before.


I’ll be that someone that suggests a new phone. My first gen Moto X was probably the best Android I’ve ever owned. But these things wear down over time. Best thing you can do to prolong it after factory reset is keep heat down. Hot components burn out faster.
If you do replace it, you might be able to find a used 2nd gen X. If you have to move to a newer phone you can save money with a used Nexus or Pixel. Right now used Nexus is in the $50 range and a used Pixel 1 can be picked up for $100.


I did the factory reset, spent half the night restoring all my apps and settings like I wanted then and my phone is now working like it did when new.

I will definitely check out your suggestions on a used phone. Hadn’t really thought about that route.



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