WiFi connection no longer works at work

Phone is a Moto 4G 1st Gen. For a long time I was able to access wifi at my place of employment, even though it would not do calls or text over wifi. I believe this was due to closed down ports. In the last month, my employer appears to have changed something (or Republic changed something) so that I cannot access any wifi. When I try, I enter my id and password and the status changes to “Saved”. However, it does not appear to obtain an IP address, and often will say “Wifi connection failure” What would cause this behavior? Not sure I can get my employer to change its network for my benefit, but I’d like to know what is going on and see if I can’t talk to them about changing it. But I’d like something specific to ask, not just please change the network for me.

Thanks for any thoughts/info.


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  • Republic hasn’t changed … the information provided in Open Access - Required Ports & Protocol is still valid (afik)
  • Perhaps they have changed the Password on the WiFi?
    • Access Settings/Wi-Fi select the AP name for your office and ‘Forget’
    • Enter the password, and carefully observe the states the device goes through and post back what you see
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I have started experiencing a similar problem at work and I assumed it was since I got a new phone (Moto X Pure) or my work changed ports on me.

I did as jben suggested and the device just goes to “WiFi Connection Failure.” When I have it Connect to that network again, it basically cycles between “Connecting…” and “Saved”.

I can get on other WiFi networks (home, etc).

I have tried it in Safe Mode and that didn’t work.

Just hoping to get WiFi at work, but like @michaels.axr76c said, not sure I can get my employer to change the network for my benefit.

Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated!


I would present the information provided inOpen Access - Required Ports & Protocol and see if they have any feedback that you could share with the community (the info was jointly documented by University and Enterprise IT folks along with Sr RW Staff) and any additional info is always welcome)

I have the same experience as jw, cycling between Connecting and Saved, never gets to connected nor do I believe it ever says Obtaining IP address …

Was hoping to find a way to diagnose this without going to IT. Guess I’ll try that route.

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