Wifi connection problem

I have the moto e 2nd generation phone and have had difficulty at home connecting to the wifi. This isn’t that I am always having problems but sometimes and it has become a trend.

It will say “cell phone calls, wifi data, etc” where it should say wifi calls.

I used to have comcast internet and never had problems. Now I have AT&T 1000 gig inet with the fiber optic line.

I’ve had the AT&T for several months and this issue just started about a month ago so I don’t know if it has anything to do with the internet or not.

Any suggestions? Any settings that I should look at?

Thanks for any help.

The two things I would check for is an app conflict and WiFI interference from the neighbors.

  1. Put the phone in safe mode and test. If it clears up then you have an app conflict that you will have to track down. Safe Mode

  2. Check to see if you have a neighbor that is using the same WiFi channel. See the channel section section of this WiFi guide. Checklist - Phone Info

One more thing to check is Bluetooth. Try turning it off if you use it and test.

Thanks, I changed my channel from auto to “1” as I read that channels 1,6 and 11 don’t overlap. I will see how that works. I checked the bluetooth which I don’t use and it is off. If this doesn’t work then I will look into the safemode process. Thanks again.

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