Wifi Connectivity Issue Moto X First Generation


Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: Moto X
**Phone Generation:**1st
Plan: Refund
Plan Option: 500MB Data

I"ve been a happy member for 3+ years, but recently my data usage sky-rocketed for no good reason. At the same time I noticed that my phone was not connecting to wifi and using data-- even though at the same time my PC wasn’t experiencing connectivity problems. I work from home, but this happens all over the place. About three months ago I did clean out my phone and reload Android/ Republic so this might be the root of the problem; but I would think that that actually should improve performance.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Please go to Settings, WiFi and tell us what the status is for your home WiFi connection.

The first thing I would try is “forget” the connection and then logging back into it. Perhaps when you factory reset the phone the memorized connection information got goofed up.

I did release the password/ renew the connection a few weeks back. I noticed an immediate improvement. But then it’s now getting worse again. It seems clunky to be continually renewing the wifi connection on my phone.

This is not a good sign. A number of people have had problems with their WiFi/Cell failing on their Moto X (1st Gen). They share an antenna so a failure of either radio could interfere with the other radio. If this is the case, then your excessive data usage could be caused by either radio failing causing a poor cell connection which, in turn, can cause it to constantly retry to get data packets that failed to transfer to the phone properly.

If this is what is happening it is time to replace the phone. I have a friend who has two retired Moto X (1st Gen) models that might be willing to give one up. After all, he only needs one spare. Send me a private message if you would like me to look into that for you.

Test and see if it is improved if you shut off the Bluetooth radio.

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BG, thanks for that tip about the failed antenna-- that ring’s true. I did just try turning off blue tooth as Sean from Republic suggests. Hopefully that will do the trick as I never use blue tooth.

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Hi Sean,

It’s only been 3 hours, but yes it seems the phone seems to be working great now. I don’t usually use blue tooth. Should I just leave it off, or is there something else that this is indicative of?


[quote=“markc.fw40gg, post:7, topic:10310”]
I don’t usually use blue tooth. Should I just leave it off, …?
[/quote]Absolutely no reason to have BT on when not in use as it does consume some power.

For those that feel a need to be instantly connected when ever they’re within range leaving on is a convenience. as it saves a few steps


I agree with @williamo.vkbg0s, I would leave BT off. The issue is that some app is probably forcing the shared BT radio to overwork and that is blocking WiFI or causing it to disconnect. You could try to find the app that is behaving badly or just turn off BT.


I am also experiencing issues with Wifi connectivity problems when bluetooth is on. It used to work fine up until about 3 weeks ago. The only time it will connect to wifi when bluetooth is on is with my 5ghz wifi connection. Anything with 2.4 it will not connect unless I turn bluetooth off. This is a pain since i have Fitbit Blaze that I like to have connected to my phone all the time.

Guess it’s soon time for a new phone, but I don’t want to lose the Refund Plan which works out really well for me since I use about a 1/4 gig a month in data. Plus all these new phones are the size of tablets.

Hi @justinl.k1ba9p,

I’ve found that some of the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi conflicts can be avoided if I keep one specific setting in the Fitbit app turned off.

In the device settings there is “All-Day Sync” and lower on the screen there is "Always Connected."
I’ve never understood the difference, but if I keep “Always Connected” turned off, I don’t have any problems, even if I keep “All-Day Sync” turned on.

I have the Fitbit One instead of the Blaze, so you may not even have the same options. In any case, it’s not having Bluetooth on that’s the problem, it’s some conflict caused by an app that uses Bluetooth. If you can identify which app it is and eliminate that one conflict, you can still use Bluetooth.

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