Wifi Connectivity Issue with Samsung S7 Edge

I am trying to connect to my work’s wifi network, and after logging in, my phone shows that it is connected to the wifi network under “Settings” and “Wi-Fi”. But my Republic Wireless icon shows that it is still connect to the cellular network. My work’s wifi network is the only network I have this problem with. Is there an issue with my phone or is it an issue with the wifi network here at work?

Hi @f9b55b20-782a-4c79-a667-213dc4cebcee,

If it only happens with this one specific network, the logical conclusion is it’s a problem with that network. That your Republic arc indicates being connected to cell doesn’t (in and of itself) mean you’re not also connected to WiFi. Are you able to access the Internet using this WiFi network? If so, the Republic arc’s meaning is that in the judgement of Republic’s app the WiFi network connected to won’t allow for a quality WiFi call, so defaults to cell. As both talk and text are unlimited on cell this also (in and of itself) isn’t really an issue.

It could be that the security in place does not allow the proper connection

  • See Community Checklist … Open Access - Required Ports & Protocol
  • Also there may be ‘Clearer WiFi & Cell connectivity notifications’ if you are at Republic Wireless App Update: Version … if so swipe down and post back anything you see
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