WiFi data counted as Cell data

Apparently, republic is using the app on my phone to count data – and assuming that all “tethering” data must be “cell data”.

I installed Linux on an old MacBook Air – but the drivers on the CD wouldn’t function with the WiFi hardware. So I need to download new drivers from the internet. As there is no Ethernet port, I tethered the MacBook to my phone (via Bluetooth Hotspot) and used my phone’s WiFi to relay all the OS updates.

Lo and behold, I get warnings that I’m suddenly “running out of data”.

And, before you accuse me of “accidentally” using Cell data somehow – I live 5+ miles from any cell coverage. Part of the reason I have Republic is because it can use my WiFi instead of cell. Friends come over all the time – and no one (from any provider) gets a cell signal here.)

Republic always maintains that my phone may count data usage differently than the cell providers – but it appears that Republic is billing using my phone’s account (since no cell provider was involved). Interesting that they still claim any mismatch between your phone and your bill is the cell provider’s fault…


Hi @r-cubed!

You are correct. This is a known issue that isn’t going to be fixed. Not enough people use this feature in order for it to be fixed. In order to rectify the situation, please open a help ticket here. I am confident Republic support will be able to get your data back to you. I am sorry about that, but I hope it helps!


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Just for clarity, the issue is not that too few people use the feature for us to bother fixing it. The fix would have to come from beyond our reach, as it’s not simply a function of our app. See:

@r-cubed, please do open a support ticket. Our billing team will be glad to assist you.


Thanks, southpaw. It was an unusual situation, and it came in handy to solve a problem. It saved me buying a Lightning to Ethernet dongle, so it was more than worth the few bucks of data I burned.

Now that I’m aware of how it works, I’ll only use it when absolutely necessary. Still, thought it would be good to post for others who might be surprised by this behavior. Prefer this to having the functionality disabled.

Mostly I was struck by the fact that the App apparently is the provider of all the billing data – yet claims it may be out of sync with my billing cycle and/or cell provider metering.

Appreciate the honest feedback. Take care.



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