Wifi failing to stay connected, anywhere


moto g 1st generation android 5.1 android security patch 2016-08-01

Can anyone tell me why I am having wifi connection issues to open wifi networks. I have to turn off my phone, turn it back on, then it will recognize the network, but the only stay for a few minutes and lose the wifi network altogether. It will not recognize it again until I turn off/on again. I even have to do this at home a couple of times before it will stay. Even then, it will still lose the connection and then I have to repeat the off/on process all over.

these are the current settings

advanced wifi settings: network notification-on, scanning-on, keep on during sleep-always

republic wifi settings: ask to join-on, help with verification-on, advanced settings:always show icon-on, allow manual handover-off, handover to wifi-on


Have you done any of these?

  1. Clear the cache and test.Clearing the Cache

  2. Put the phone in Safe mode and test.Safe Mode

  3. Uninstall the two Republic apps, reboot the phone, and reinstall the two Republic apps and test.

  4. Factory reset the phone and test. Factory Reset


I think that clearing the cache was probably the true fix, however I did the safe mode and check installed apps. I then shut down phone altogether and rebooted to include all third party apps and have not had an issue so far. Thanks again for the great response.