WiFi Failover Questions

Just did another test. The ATA has been on for several days but there have been no calls made to/from my cell phone for the last 4 days. I’m on travel and have not used my cell phone which is tied to the ATA (other than a few text messages).

Had a friend back at the house today so we made a test call. I dialed my cell number and the ATA rang the analog handset. They picked call up and we had a great clear conversation until the local WiFi that I was on dropped out. The call continued but they could not hear me, I could hear them (basically no audio for one of the sides).

This leads to a question - Does the RW app try and reconnect on cell when using ATA? It seems like it must since I could continue to hear them. Just wondering how the app should work in this case…

A call from a Republic cell phone to the ATA should be treated like any other call, wifi first, cellular failover.

Assumed the same thing. Did a search of the Community and found this –

A little confused because title says “Sometimes When the Call Switches Between Cell to WiFi Call Just Goes Silent” yet the first two symptoms state –

  • The call goes silent on handover from WiFi to cellular
  • The call may continue but have no audio for one of the sides

This seems to describe exactly what we experienced. Article then goes on to adjust the handover settings. Basically disabling handover.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience during the test when the WiFi failed. Never did restore the call on cell so both sides had audio. Might try to do another test when I have a travel router and can control WiFi dropout and see if transfer to cell works and restores audio on both sides. May not be an issue depending on how people use the ATA device.

I’m not sure why that’s contradictory. The issue likely has nothing at all to do with the ATA or the test, it’s just a plain old handover issue.

@louisdi - Not sure what you think is “contradictory”. My point was title gave the impression that call started on cell and switched to WiFi; the second example seemed to give the impression call started on WiFi and then switched to cell. Sure seems different to me. Oh well.

Yes, you’re probably right that it’s just a plain handover issue, but not knowing for sure thought I’d share the test results. I simply did not know how RW handover would work when dialing your own cell number. Figure we’re best served by testing and/or reporting as many experiences as we can during beta. Not knocking RW or the ATA.


Absolutely good to bring it up.

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