WiFi failure w Moto G4+

What phone do you have? MOTO G4+
What plan are you on? 3.0
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk, Text, and Data plan

Issue Description

This afternoon, my wife and I were at a restaurant. Her phone (Moto G5+) readily detected and connected to the WiFi network. My phone (Moto G4+) did not detect the restaurant’s WiFi signal. WiFi was turned on and it did detect a nearby motel network. Probably irrelevant, but her phone is not on RW. Any ideas as to why I had the problem?

I don’t know why your G4+ would not pick up the restaurant WiFi when you wife’s G5+ did pick it up. Especially if it picked up the nearby motel WiFi. That’s odd. And, yes, WiFi is independent of the cellular carrier network. The only thing I can think of, and it’s a stretch to say the least, is that it might have been a 2.4GHz vs a 5GHz thing. But, as far as I know, both phones would be 5GHz compatible if, in fact, the restaurant WiFi was on the 5GHz frequency.

Next time you visit that restaurant, have this app ready:

Wi-Fi Analyzer

That might help you figure it out.

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Hi @michaelk.lwutcl
Have you been there at the restaurant before with your phone? If yes you may have to forget the wifi in saved wifi’s to get it to show as a new wifi.

An update — after getting home, I noticed that my phone would not connect to my home WiFi. The battery was low so I plugged in the charger and retried to connect to WiFi – still nothing. A little later I decided to restart the phone. Afterward, it did connect to WiFi. It has me concerned that it may be becoming unreliable. Any thoughts?

I don’t think the phone is going sour. I think you will find that if you make a habit of shutting the phone down and restarting it every 3-4 days, it will work just phine (ph one + f ine). Phones, router, computers… they all need an occasional reboot to clear out the garbage. It’s not just an Android thing.

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Today has been fine. BTW, I shut it down every night. Thanks for the comments.

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