WIFI First Changes?

I do not get cell coverage at home, and coverage is spotty throughout North Eastern Pennsylvania. Thus, I have loved RW’s WIFi first technology and do ‘everything’ (calls, text, data) at home over WIFI only. When out and about I have two RW Galaxy S7 phones, one CDMA and one GSM and use whichever gets a sometimes connection, or look for a McDonalds. Indications are that RW’s new policy will be to become a “real” cell phone company and move to a new GSM partner. So far it looks like I’ll insert/provision a new SIM card and switch to Google Messenger (goodbye Anywhere). Can anyone share other anticipated changes to my situation when RW is no longer WIFI first?

Hi @mistermike,

Others may chime in with speculation, however, I would just like to mention nothing about your current WiFi first coverage changes when Republic introduces new plans. Your current coverage and My Choice plan will be grandfathered.

If the coming changes are attractive to you, there will be ample time to make a decision to move to a new plan and its associated coverage once the details are available.

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Thanks rolandh, I understand that my existing My Choice plans will be around for a while, but I expect the new plans to be even better. So, if I decide to switch I would need a new SIM card, and… what other changes might I anticipate (eg no more Anywhere, etc).

*No Anywhere
*No Extend Home
*No VoIP number (meaning Zelle, Venmo, etc will work)
*Wider selection of phones
*Carrier Wifi calling (meaning capabilities will depend on the compatibility of the phone with the cellular partner)
*5G Supported with a compatible device
*Ability to use RCS (Chat) without the potential incompatibilities of Republic’s hybrid calling service.


Hi @mistermike,

While others might decide to do so, I’m not going to speculate. What we know is linked here:

There’s a short FAQ in the top post. Otherwise, for me, details wait for further announcements from Republic.

Do note, however, what @louisdi posted is not speculation. All of it is in the referenced FAQ.

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