Wifi In Home

My phone will not connect to open wifi in house, did yesterday ,but not today? What do I need to do?

WiFi and Bluetooth use the same antenna. So do you have Bluetooth turned on?

Motorola also has a troubleshooting section for WiFi.

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Tell us more about how you have tried to connect.

For example, have you gone to the Republic app and looked at available networks? If so does your home wifi network show up?

Sometimes a router will stop responding to a specific MAC address, such as the one on your phone, until the router is rebooted.

And sometimes the Android OS cache needs to be cleared. This process includes rebooting your phone which can also clear a lot of issues.

Clearing the Cache

So if you don’t see any Bluetooth/Wi-Fi conflicts these may help.

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