Wifi incoming call issue

My Moto X Gen 2 seems to have trouble answering calls when I’m in the office connected to work wifi. Most times, it rings, I answer, and i say “hello…hello”, and nothing. In a few cases if i wait a bit then the connection is made, but usually nothing happens. On some occasions it works…but when my ex wife calls it never connects? I’d say less than 1/3 of total calls connect. If i try to call back, usually it will connect with them.

At home it works fine on wifi.

Any ideas?


In an ideal situation, you and your workplace IT department could work through the information at Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network and optimize settings at work so that Wi-Fi calling would work correctly. I don’t know about your workplace, but mine would be unwilling to do much to help me. The easiest solution is probably not to connect to your workplace Wi-Fi at all and let the phone do everything over cellular. There is another solution that disables Wi-Fi calling, causing calls to be placed/received on cellular (while allowing everything else to still use Wi-Fi). It’s been a while since I used the following solution. I believe it still works for the legacy phones, but if not I’m sure someone will be along shortly to refute it.

Do you have an adequate cellular signal at your workplace? If so, you might consider How to Disable WiFi Calling While on a WiFi Network – Republic Wireless – Modern Defrag . This solution causes your calls to be placed and received over cellular. Everything else will still use Wi-Fi when connected.

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