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Hi I have a Moto X phone. When I am at work I connect to my works Wifi and usually it is not a problem. On breaks and lunch I go outside and lose the Wifi connection due to being out of range. The connection actually goes in and out due to me walking thru the parking lot. How ever the problem is when I come back inside I do not have internet connection. I have tried forgetting network and reconnecting and sometimes this gets me back on other times it does not, and I don’t think I should have to do that everyday. I also ping the ports and only 6000 was denied. I am not sure if it is my phone or the wifi connection.

I would guess that when you were out of range of your works WiFi your ‘connection’ was dropped.
As you say when you ping the ports and only 6000 was denied, can we assume that you were using the the testing outlined in Router Tweaks? (under Required Ports & Protocol for Open Access)

  • As you must be within the ‘network’ to allow 2way communication from the phone, you may need to just cycle the WiFi off then back on … this will force a SIP Register sequence over port 5090
    It might also be helpful for you to do a a config refresh *#*#8647#*#* to bring you over to the latest connection method being utilized by Republic Wireless
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Thanks @jben. Yes the ping the ports was from a previous post with similar issues. outlined in Router Tweaks. I did the config refresh and restarted the phone. Now the phone is not activated on Republic.

ok, sorry this led you into yet another trap … I would try the config refresh from home, and if that doesn’t recover you then I would open a ticket

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ok thank you

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