WiFi Issue on Moto G4 Plus

The wifi symbol on the pull down menu on my phone says I’m connected to a wifi network, but the Republic symbol in the upper L corner is not filled in, and the phone says I’m connected to the cellular network. What’s going on?

Solid white arc indicates that phone is connected to WiFi AND the connection is strong/low latency to support

WiFi calling and text.

Do you have WiFi connectivity otherwise? Are you able to browse the internet or check email, etc?

When you try to make a phone call…does it say WiFi or Cellular when it is ringing?

Does your WiFi require additional verification like entering additional info by opening a browser window?

I am able to use the internet and check e-mail, but I have no idea if it’s doing that on the wifi or cellular network. Is there a way to determine which one it’s using?

The wifi network did require me to open a browser window and agree to terms and conditions the first time I connected, but it hasn’t requested it on subsequent logins - at least it hasn’t popped up when I open the browser.

If you open the Republic Wireless App, go to the Cell Data tab and then click on the up arrow in the bottom right corner.

That will show your daily cellular data usage. If you see those numbers moving around then you are using cellular data

otherwise you are accessing WiFi data.

You can also disable the “cell data” setting in your Republic Wireless App. This will not affect your android setting

Settings -> Data Usage -> Cellular Data which should remain ON.

With this setting if you are still able to access email and internet then you are using WiFi data.

It is possible that your WiFi network blocks the ports required for VoIP calling and that’s why you are not getting

the solid white arc.

When you agreed to terms in the browser window, did you get the solid white arc at that time?

Thanks for the suggestions. They make complete sense and I’ll give them a try.

I don’t think I ever got the solid white arc on this network, so I’m thinking you’re right about the VoIP calling.

When I turn off the cellular data, I can still browse the internet, so the wifi is connected. Thanks for the advice.

You’re welcome!

Here’s some additional information on the ports required for VoIP calling

Sometimes network admins might block all unused ports by default. So, you might be able to get them to open up these ports if you explain their need for the ability to make VoIP phone calls.

Here is a attempt to graphically display the various states we may encounter

Links to additional info on the connection states or Adaptive Coverage mentioned in the graphics

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