WiFi/Network questions


Obviously, if you are in an area without WiFi, then the network picks up any incoming or outgoing call. But are you forced into signing into WiFi if it’s available (assuming you can get the password)?

The reason I ask is that I read that a WiFi network will keep asking you for a password if the phone is picking up WiFi. (I assume if you enter a p/w, the phone will use it automatically each time you return to that same location.)

Also, there was an issue with a weak WiFi signal and incoming phone calls went right to voice mail. Phone didn’t ring. For some reason the cell network didn’t handle the call. Why wouldn’t the cell network handle the call if the WiFi signal is so weak it couldn’t take it?

I get the impression that RW users want to use WiFi when they can. But as long as the cell network will handle the calls if WiFi isn’t available, why worry about WiFi?



Republic Wireless doesn’t force users to use WiFi to make calls.

According to the Republic Wireless CEO, WiFi accounts for 53% of Republic Wireless users’ calls, making cellular basically a secondary network. Our collective use of WiFi calling (as much as we’re able to) is what enables us to continue to save a whole lot of money with Republic Wireless.


You don’t have to use WiFi if you don’t want to. We use WiFi when we can for different reasons. For one, call quality is significantly better over WiFi if you have a good signal. But, most importantly, using WiFi when possible reduces costs to Republic Wireless which makes it possible for Republic to give us the lowest cost cell phones plans in the country. Whenever I’m at a location with a good WiFi signal, I turn off the cell radio and go strictly with WiFi, for both of the reason I mentioned. If we all contribute to the effort to offload voice calls to WiFi, we can all continue to enjoy crazy low cell service bills each month.

That said, the settings in your phone determine how your phone behaves when a WiFi signal is present. By default, the Republic app alerts you to available WiFi. It’s your choice whether to use it or not.


why use WiFi
there are areas that just don’t get good cell coverage (out in rural areas of the country, inside steel building, basements)
there nothing like the look on people faces when your cell phone works and theirs don’t, and the disbelief when I tell them what the service cost


Yes, I knew that you’re not obligated to use WiFi, when available. But as i said there are issues if the phone goes to “sleep.” If the WiFi signal is weak - and therefore, the cellular network should be used when a call comes in - the phone may not ring and go right to voice mail. And there’s an app to counter that, but that shouldn’t be necessary. If WiFi is weak, then the network should be used and the phone should wake up and ring.

Is that a common problem?



Ok, thanks. The key phrase: “RW sends the call to cell but if cell service is unavailable the call goes to voicemail.”

So as long as there is cell service, the call will come through and the phone will ring.

Without this app, there must be plenty of calls going through the cell network unnecessarily.