WiFi not working once cellular data used up - why?


I have the Moto G4 Plus. 1 GB data. I’ve used up my cellular data, but nothing else on my phone working after that. Wi-Fi is not connecting anywhere. Texting is not working. Why?? I can only use the phone to make calls. Please Help. I understand I don’t have cellular data usage left for the rest of the month, but I should be able to use wifi.


Did you turn off Cellular Data? Even if you run out of Cellular data…you need to keep the setting on for cellular and roaming data…in order for texting to work normally.

See here for additional useful information


Yes, cellular data is still ‘ON’, and wifi and text are still not working.


Do you have Bluetooth ON? Try to turn off bluetooth and see if that allows your WiFi to stay on.
If that works…then one of your apps that uses bluetooth might be malfunctioning.


No, that is not on either. It’s disabled (I never use it).


I tried texting about 10 min ago, and it was not working since yesterday
(after cellular data used up).
I tried 1 min ago, and it has finally started functioning again. (I did
not change anything).

Thank you for your help.


I guess I spoke too soon. I was able to send one text, which was finally
Text #2 - not able to send it again…



I think the WiFi is the primary issue and the texting is a secondary effect…because the phone thinks it is connected to WiFi…so it tries to route your text over WiFi and then fails.
You could manually switch off your WiFi by going to Settings -> WiFi -> Off and see if your texts start going through.

Note: This is only for debugging purposes… we do need to figure out what’s going on with your WiFi.

Do you see a stable WiFi signal in your status bar on the top right ? Is the Republic Wireless Arc (white arc) solidly white or just outline on the top left?


I switched off my WIFI, and I’m still not able to text.

I am at the office currently, where I do not have WiFi available. So, no
WiFi signal until I get home later today.


If you have already done all the troubleshooting steps in the document I linked above, then please submit a help ticket


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