Wifi only plans are missing

I do not have cell service where I live. As a result I have 2 RW lines that are wifi only. Will they still be usable in the future?

Hi @brendaf.wiacpq,

Republic hasn’t offered a genuinely WiFi only plan other than those previously grandfathered since August of 2016. That said, it would help us best help you if you would be kind enough to advise us of the brands, models and generations of theb phones in question?

WiFi only plans have always been ,immiterd to the 1.0 and 2.0 plans the 3.0, 4.0, and now 5.0 plans have no WiFi only options and the Cell network for those phones used is being shut down (currently scheduled for March 31st 2022) those plans go away,

the best suggestion is to look into Google Voice as that will work on any deactivated Phone as a WiFi device

They are moto g1 and I have no need whatsoever for them to get cell service, only wifi calling. Can I just keep the plan I have for them?

Will the phone numbers port?

I don’t need or get cell service for those phones so why won’t they continue to use wifi only?

They will, but you’ll be paying for data that you never use.

If I recall correctly Google Voice requires mobile number so it can port but you need a 1st port to a non VOIP carrier and then to Google Voice

So you are saying that my plan will be terminated no matter what and I will have to get a new plan? This means that I will have to buy a new phone as well since the phone is a moto g1. Not really an attractive choice at all

Welcome to the new and improved Republic Wireless.

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isn’t RW a non voip carrier now? Wouldn’t that mean I could port straight from RW?

Republic will no longer be keeping up the servers that supports service on those plans (Dish Network did not purchase that technology when it bought the Republic Brand (it stayed with the Rely company which split off from Republic when Dish purchased Republic)
please note it’s been over 6 years since the last phone that could use the WiFi only plan was able to be purchased new,


I’m not quite following how that is connected to porting the number.

Only the new plans. Nothing about how the phones on the old plans work has changed.

only if one 1st moves to the new plans the now legacy 3.0 plans are still VOIP wifi 1st devices with T-Mobile(GSM) or the old Sprint(CDMA) network{owned by T-Mobile and is scheduled for shut down in 2022 (3G on March 31st, 4G June 30th)} as cell backup

So, please tell me if this plan will work. I buy the least expensive phone that will allow me to use the 4.0 plan. Then I decide if I want to move to a wifi only provider or continue with RW. If I move to a wifi only provider the number will then port to the wifi only provider since the number was under the 4.0 system. Is that a correct assessment?

This has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s announcements. It has everything to do with T-Mobile’s intent to shut down Sprint’s legacy 3G network. Republic phones using 1.0/2.0 plans are tied to the legacy Sprint network T-Mobile is shutting down as of March 31, 2022. Though a WiFi only plan isn’t technically using the cell network, Republic isn’t going to continue the WiFi only plan when the rest of the plan 1.0/2.0 plan structures can no longer be supported.


Key words in the statement being “Republic isn’t going to continue”!

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Hi @brendaf.wiacpq,

You don’t have to do anything right away. Your WiFi only service will continue to work through March 31, 2022. If cellular service is truly not viable in your area, there is no need to move to a cellular plan.

Google Voice would give you what Republic’s WiFi only plan currently does and for free rather than the $5 per month you currently pay Republic. You probably don’t even need a new phone.

The challenge is moving your current number(s) to Google Voice. Doing so would require an interim port to a traditional cellular service provider then porting from there to Google Voice.

Alternatively, there’s an app based service called Sideline. Sideline is much easier to move a Republic number to but does charge $10/month.

Without the rest of the plan structure which cannot be supported after T-Mobile shuts down Sprint’s legacy network, doing so is unfortunately not viable for Republic from a business standpoint.

Thank you for clarifying that. What company would be an option for the interim port? Don’t they require a device or service plan associated wit the port?