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I don’t know if anyone is still doing this but I want to get 2 phones for the grandkids to teach them on wifi only at the $5. rate before stepping up to the $15. I am told none of the new phones work “wifi only” by tech support. So I need to hunt up a couple older phones that will work or look for older new ones I suppose. But which ones to hunt for, tech support could not specifically tell me which…or wouldn’t…hard to say. A little help here please…and thanks in advance, your time is appreciated!

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Hi @rdw360 ,

I’ve reviewed your chat session with our agent and I don’t think he was trying to avoid giving you the information you needed, I think he may have simply failed to understand that you needed the specific phones listed out.

I apologize that you’ve had to work so hard to get the information. Once you purchase the phones for your grandchildren, please come back here and let us know which phones you purchased. We have some B-stock (Customer-returned, like new) cases for the older phones in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, and we’d be glad to let you pick out a couple to accessorize and protect the phones.

Sorry if that came up harsher than what it should have been, just frustrated at not getting what I needed…my bad!

Thanks, now I can see if I can run down a couple of these, my lovely wife still uses her Moto X 1st gen I think it is on the 10. - 1. = 9 for being an original signup. I had a phone as well but it started doing all kinds of strange things and then would not charge and I didn’t really need it in any case. At 70 I don’t need to call my bride and let her know I just put a nice salmon in the boat for dinner :wink: Any suggestion on the better of these phones to zoom in on? Thanks for your help Mate!

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