WiFi password too short-


My new phone (Moto G5 plus) requires 8 characters for the WiFi password. The location I use most mornings only has 7 in its password. Is there a way to reset my phone to 7 characters? Thanks


Hi @georgel.drd1ed

I think the community may be a little confused. Would you mind giving us a little more detail regarding the problem you are encountering?.


When trying to log in to the WiFi network it asks for the password which is 7 characters long. When I enter their 7 character PW the “connect” command stays shaded & won’t allow me to enter it. When I add 1 more character it becomes highlighted & allows me to try to connect, but of course it won’t because it’s the wrong PW


Thanks for that additional info @georgel.drd1ed. Still, I am confused, (and it wouldn’t be the first time).

The phone itself (G5+) should not care what the WiFi password is, just if it is correct or not, that is what I am finding confusing.


Hi @georgel.drd1ed

Just to double check, do you know what kind of security they are using? Can you ask if the password is using WEP or WPA2?

It looks like the 8 digit requirement on our phones is for the WPA2 but WEP doesn’t have that. Edit: It looks like the 8 digit WPA2 requirement is standard on the type of security.

One option you could try is to manually add the network and connect but the security still has to match for the phone to connect either way so setting it as WEP on the phone when the network is WPA isn’t going to work.

If it is also a public spot, you could possibly ask the owner to set a new password compatible with our “newer phones”.


again, it will not accept a PW shorter than 8 characters. It will not allow me to click on the “connect” command. It stays shaded until the 8th character is added. Thanks for trying. I’ll see if they’ll make their PW longer the next time they reset it.


No problem @georgel.drd1ed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just interested as well. I think @happywillow0 is on the right track that this is a security issue, and while I do not actually use any (security features),(‘per-se’)), it has that feel to it.

I still have the question…

What is the “It”?. (wifi, phone, website, etc}. :grinning:


A password shorter than 8 characters is not allowed for WPA2 encryption. This likely means that the network is running WEP, then you should advise whomever’s network it is to simply turn off encryption, because that’s about what WEP is worth, and many of the recent KRACK patches have caused compatibility with WEP encrypted networks.

A quick Google will find you hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts of people complaining about this issue with devices ranging from cell phones to Macbooks.


Thanks. I’ve already notified them.


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