Wifi problems

I’ve been using the same Linksys router with my Motox1 for a couple of years and never had any problems until the last few days. I have it setup on 5g on the basic connection and 2.5g for the guest network. I’ve always used the 5g , but it has been switching to the guest indiscriminately lately. Most of the time it is connecting without wifi calling capabilities. I notice that the Telephony App was updated on Dec. 14th, and wonder if that is the problem. I have since uninstalled both Republic Apps and updated them, but wifi calling is still disabled. I cleared caches and restarted both cable modem and router. Further suggestions.

Is this is the Linksys e2500 and did you recently upgrade the firmware? I did that a while back on an e2500 and ended up with a very similar problem. I downgraded the firmware to the previous version to fix the problem. I don’t have that router anymore or I’d give you the firmware version number.

Thanks for your response, but I haven’t updated the firmware. Yes, it is that model, but Eureka, it has started working again without any additional changes. Just don’t understand it. I’ll mark this answered, if I can.

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