WiFi problems

I have a Zoom Router. For some reason I can’t make calls over Wifi. Does anybody have a solution? I’ve called customer service and reset the phone, but no luck. They wanted me to reach out to the community and see if anybody had this problem and find out how they got it fixed. Thanks, Jay

Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

In addition to the starting place that @drm186 pointed out, you may want to read the Comment on Zoom by @marshallh

  • If you post the model of your Zoom router, and who your ISP is, we (the community) can provide a bit more direct suggestions.
  • NOTE: Quick check of manual 5363-UserManual-Eng.pdf on P94 under the NAT ALG … **SIP should be set to Disable for VoIP **
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