WIFI says its connected but its not

Can someone help me understand how to get my WIFI connected. My phone WIFI says I’m connected and have good signal strength but when I try to open a page it says “network not available” or “your not connected to a network”! sometimes if I try to open chrome it comes up with a log in page but not always. This morning I was at the local coffee shop which my phone has saved and everything says I’m connected but I’m not. Thanks Dave

In the Chrome browser address bar, try typing and hit enter. This will usually, but not always, bring up the login page.

Hopefully the new Republic Wireless 3.20 app will help somewhat. With the app update comes free access to 30 million Republic verified WiFi hotspots. Details can be found at:


The wifi u were using may be experiencing a outage for its Internet connection. Comcast has been having large severe outages nationwide the last few days.

and my question still is why does it say im connected when I’m not?

Because you are connected to the wifi just fine. But the router has no Internet connection.
The wifi can still be on and broadcasting if their is no Internet connection.
If there was an outage that is.

If other devices work fine on that same wifi and have Internet access, and it is only your phone that is giving u an issue, than there is something else wrong.

Some wifi networks, especially those at stores or coffee shops etc, you must open a web browser and “Sign in” to it. Or accept terms page before you can fully connect. If you don’t do this, then the phone itself will say u are connected to wifi , but an app(such as a web browser) will say you have no network connection.

and that’s is what happens! but my phone dosnt tell me I need to sign in or take me to the sign in page. It just says I’m not connected to the network.

Odd. What phone do you have?

On my Nexus 5X and Google Pixel, they always pop up a persistent notification stating “Login into to WiFi” and has a ! over the WiFi icon.

I believe this was a thing that is in Android 8.0 or 8.1. So if you have device that runs older version of Android, then maybe that is why you arn’t seeing that.

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