Wifi security, hacking, key loggers, etc


With all the rogue wifi and man in the middle hackers out there, does RW have any protection against this? Encryption, white-listed, black-listing or whatever?
Is there a way to setup only connecting to white-listed hot spots?
Is there a way to just use cellular when you are away from your standard hot spots?


Republic’s Android phones work like every other Android phone out there. They don’t randomly connect to wifi hotspots. You must manually connect to a hotspot the first time you encounter that SSID.


if unsure about the WiFi either don’t connect or get a VPN to secure your connection (this may cause the voice calls to move to cell depending on connection and VPN delays)


I thought the R W phones automatically connected to the strongest open network without user intervention or accepting t and c of hot spot connection. Takes a load off my mind.


there was a feature like in the beta phone (DEFY) and they tested it again as a beta feature in the 2.0 build of the app for the Legacy phones (all legacy phones could use the feature but this could be turn off) (It also required to accept terms or login on any network at least before it would auto connect)
current 3.0 Phones do not have this feature (though there are 3rd party apps that can add it to any phone)


Republic’s newest phones (those available since July 2016) are unmodified Android phones. They don’t do anything different from a wifi connection perspective than any other Android phone. When Republic adds those sorts of features they would through the Republic App and would be something that you could turn on/off. Right now there is no such feature available.


Your only real option for WiFi hotspot security it to use a VPN. It may not necessarily be important for sitting in a coffee shop and texting your friends to come join you for a blueberry scone. But, it is certainly prudent for anything related to online finances, shopping, etc, while connected to an unsecure WiFi network, like a public WiFi hotspot or hotel WiFi.

There are several VPN services that give you a limited amount of bandwidth (200 - 500 MB) each month for free. Also, different VPN services offer different levels of privacy and security. A little online research would yield a good deal of information on this. I have tried EasyVPN and TunnelBear for Android. Both worked well for me. However, I recently purchased an annual subscription to a different VPN.


As I mentioned a few posts back. I thought it was automatically just connecting to any old hot spot with no user acceptance. Since that is not the case this thread can be considered answered and closed.


Actually it is good to see an occasional discussion on Security … it is something that is often ignored until something ‘bad’ happens.
A couple of points

  • Always look for the https before you login … otherwise your login password can be easily compromised
    Chrome: image
    FireFox: image
    IE: image
    On all 3, a user can select the Closed Lock for additional information … if lock is Open it is not secure
  • VPN is only totally secure when the VPN connects both ends … this is normal for Enterprise/Business VPN and it remotely connects a user to the internal corporate network
    • If you make a Call on the normal VPN’s avail (other than Business)… remember the last mile will have to be unsecure [phones VPN to internet to VPN Server provided by Service] … then open Internet to RW, to PSTN to end user