WiFi Security


I just listened to the latest Reply All podcast https://gimletmedia.com/episode/93-beware-all/ and also am giving Republic Wireless a test run. Can anyone talk about the security of WiFi calling if someone is putting out an bad-intentioned insecure network, like with a WiFi Pineapple? I am afraid I only know enough to be dangerous, and I’d love to hear from someone with actual knowledge. If my phone hops onto someone’s open WiFi signal, which has been put out there specifically to grab people’s information, will my phone’s use of the malevolent network put me at risk? If I’m using it for a phone call does it open my phone up to other breaches? Normally I never do anything assuming security on a public WiFi signal… Thanks for any help or clarity you can provide.


Hi @marjories.qptlxe,

My personal opinion is the risk of one’s phone being compromised when using public WiFi is largely overblown. That said, using public WiFi isn’t risk free. Generally, my advice is not to do anything on public WiFi, you might not want someone else to see (banking for example). Republic has more details here: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/staying-safe-with-wifi-security.


Thank you!