WIFI signal quality


In the old days it was common to check jitter, packet loss, speed etc on Wifi signals.
Some of those old services are shut down now.
What is a reliable and accurate test site for those parameters today?



I like VoIP Spear: https://www.voipspear.com.

DSLR has good tools as well: https://www.dslreports.com/tools.



Thanks, I recall that Voip Spear was supposed to be good but I could never get it to install,
Java or Flash Pllayer would never allow it to work.
I’ll use the other one.



For speed, I use beta.speedtest.net as my primary resource. It runs in HTML5. For everything else, I used to use pingtest.net however the provider, Ookla, has shut it down. They replaced it with an app, http://www.speedtest.net/apps/desktop, that looks nice though I’ve yet to test it out.



VoIP Spear is not an app nor does it use either Java or Flash Player. It should run from any standards based web browser, though I prefer doing so from a computer as opposed to a mobile device.



Maybe VoipS fixed the conflict. It actually would install but the results could never be dsipplayed, Glad it worked for you.
I was looking for the old packet loss and jitter tests if they are available any more.
I think Ookla used to produce all those parameterss.



As @soopergenious noted Ookla has shut down the old Java based Pingtest site and rolled the functionality into apps. The other older sites were generally Java based as well. Time marches on and Java is mostly an afterthought on the web these days.

I like VoIP Spear because it allows monitoring network quality over a period of time (six hours on the free plan) rather than the snapshot provided by other tools. Some of the biggest names in VoIP including Bandwidth.com use VoIP Spear to monitor their own network quality. Latency and packet loss but not jitter is broken out on the free plan. Jitter is accounted for in the Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

I’m a frequent lurker and occasional participant on DSLR’s VoIP Tech Chat forum. It’s an excellent resource for all things VoIP. I like the tools hosted there (no Java required) also.

I tend not to pay much attention to network speed as it’s the least important factor in a quality VoIP experience. One would be hard pressed to find a broadband Internet connection lacking sufficient bandwidth to support a quality VoIP call. Network stability as measured by packet loss, latency and jitter is far more important.



Thank you for the explanation.
I knew it was a plug in failure that made me drop VoipSpear when it came out.
It may be time to take another try at using it.



Actually, VoIP Spear now makes raw QOS data available on its’ free personal plan, which is new since I last looked. Here’s a sample:

One can even download the QOS data as a CSV file. By doing so every six hours, one could track the data via a spreadsheet for longer time periods if desired.

Again, no plugins (Java or otherwise) required nor has there been for years.

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I have used this test recently Source Forge Speedtest
This test doesn’t use Java, here is my results to a test. My Results



Perfect. I’m running it now.



With the exception of the new function that Voip Spear has (I will sure check it out ) all are documented in WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide

  • this had fallen by the way during the Jive to Discourse and while I was ‘out’ for a while … it should be up to date now


SourceForge is simple easy, complete and fast. Thanks. It’s just what I needed. Voipspear will apparently report their findings “later”., The only disappointment is that I can’t find SourceForge in the Play Store.



Google it , it is open source and not allowed in the playstore.


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