Wifi sleep setting missing


Moto G4 Plus, Android 7.0. I have lost the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” item from the Wifi advanced settings menu.

All I have there is:
Install certificates
Wi-Fi Direct
WPS Push Button
WPS Pin Entry

Wifi is sleeping whenever the phone sleeps, even while plugged in.

I wiped the system cache, but it didn’t help. Next step, full reset?


It’s not in Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced, it’s in Settings > Wi-Fi > Settings (the gear).


Of course. Thank you!


Thanks for asking … you were not the only one that found they moved the cheese :slight_smile:


What’s embarrassing is the number of times I pressed on the three dots (Advanced) while ignoring the Settings icon 1/16th of an inch away. B-/


The three(3) dots have been referred to as the menu many times adding to many member’s confusions.


Some things have changed with Nougat and I’m confident more will change with Oreo. The evolution of technology is part of what keeps it interesting. :relaxed:


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