Wifi texting in 5.0

Is sms/mms texting via wifi going away since new 5.0 plans are not using republic’s proprietary wifi calling? Also, I saw reference to unlimited sms, does and has mms always used data?

Hi @gpagpa,

In a word, no. Industry standard “WiFi calling” also encompasses text messaging over WiFi. SMS does not use data. MMS and Google’s newer chat features (a/k/a RCS), which will work with Republic’s new plans do indeed use data and always have.

As all 3 of the 5.0 plans include “Unlimited talk & text” this implies that MMS would not use our member’s data? Has this been defined elsewhere?
ETA: found the answer to my question in this Help Article https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415865610007


Come to think of it, I do text a bunch of pictures, but not even that, texts to group thread will go against data. Not sure how much data in a picture, but it is something to be aware of if going to 5.0 plans. Somewhat like when using Google Hangouts.