Wifi went away after republic update


What phone do you have? Moto X Android 5.1

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and text

Issue Description

I got a notice that “WiFi settings updated. Republic enabled the WiFi radio.”
This came at 14:44 on Oct 18.
My phone now cannot connect to my WiFi.
No problems with my computers connecting to my wifi.
In wifi settings, by router does not show up like it used to.
Only shows up after a minute or two and then disappears.
I was able to forget it and then reenter password. It just says
“saved” but wifi is not available.



That message isn’t that there was Republic update, but that Republic attempted to activate the wifi radio because it was off. On the original Moto X you’ll most often see this message when the wifi radio on the phone has failed (hardware failure). If you go to Settings – Wifi is the “switch” for wifi off? If you try to turn it on, does it just turn itself back off?


The WiFi switch is on. It stays on. It acts like it is connected to my router but the WiFi indicator never shows up.


Now it does “connecting”, “saved” to my router several times - then “connection failure” . I then click on that message and press “connect” and it says “saved”, and repeats the “connecting” “saved” until it gets another failure.


A couple of things (assuming that you have done the normal phone power off and verified the WiFi password) :slight_smile:

  • Try rebooting the router, (power off wait 30sec, power on … wait until bring-up completes) then reconnect
    • Still fails?
  • Try a different location (McD or Starbucks)


I had tried rebooting the phone and verified the wifi password - I assume that if it says

"connecting " and then “saved” that there is no problem with the password.

I tried rebooting the router - after that, same problem. Says “connecting” , says “Saved” but no wifi.

I tried connecting at two open routers ( no password - Wendy’s & Kroger ).

Same result - says “Connecting”, says “Saved” - but no wifi.


If you turn on Bluetooth does it stay on? If it turns on briefly and then turns off, it’s a hardware issue.

Try clearing Android System Cache:

It won’t delete personal information, but it may take 20 minutes to complete.




@alf.uxm0az Did you ever figure this out?


No, except to believe that the phone is defective at the hardware level.

The wifi was off ( Connecting, Saved - but no wifi ) for a couple of weeks.

I normally turn the phone off at night. When I turn it on in the morning, the wifi switch is

turned on by the boot process. One morning, the wifi worked. It worked for a couple of

days and then stopped working. That was about a week ago. Has not worked since.

I have ordered a new phone.

Do you, or Motorola, want the old phone to do a postmortem on it?



Hi @alf.uxm0az,

Sorry to see you had to replace the phone. Neither Republic nor Motorola would want you to return the phone, but thank you for offering to do so.


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