Will a 'Amazon Prime' Moto G5 Plus work with RW?



My G4+ went kaput. (Stopped charging, took it to a place someone recommended for replacing the micro usb connector, and they fubar’d it completely so it now ‘powers’ but doesn’t charge)
Anyway, the Amazon Primve moto g5 plus, will it work on Republic Wireless? Will I need a different Sim card than the G4 Plus uses? (For those who don’t know, Amazon did away with lockscreen ads for those Amazon phones.)


the Amazon Prime version of the Moto G5+ will work on Republic
now if you current SIM will work will depend on if you current phone was on the GSM partner or CDMA partner
IF GSM it will work if CDMA you will need a new BYOD SIM which is GSM, (if CDMA coverage is needed after activation a support ticket can get a CDMA SIM sent but the Phone 1st needs to be activated with the GSM SIM)
GSM Sims have the Republic in 2 colors printed on the SIM (a Grey"Re" with a Green “public”) while the CDMA is a solid Grey Republic on the SIM


Alright so I’m good. Got the GSM sim.


your welcome


If it helps, I pretty much did what you did. I was using a Moto X Pure, and then Amazon had their Prime Day, and I couldn’t resist picking up the Moto G5+, even though I didn’t need it. LOL.

At the time, I was on the GSM provider, and put the SIM in the new phone and everything went great. I’m now on a 3rd phone (yes, I have a gadget addiction), and that handled the SIM swap great too. The G5+ is a really nice phone.


Hi drm186.

Republic Wireless is selling the G5 plus with 64GB for $299. I see what I think is the same phone selling on Amazon for $209.

I am still using my first generation Moto X through Republic Wireless, but it’s getting too worn out. Can I buy the G5 Plus I see on Amazon for $209, and then remove my sim card from my Moto X, then continue my service with Republic Wireless?

My questions might seem real amature, but I don’t have very much knowledge about this kind of thing. Thanks for any reply.



the SIM on your 1st Gen Moto X is CDMA (your on the CDMA partner AKA Sprint))
All, BYOD all have to be activated on the GSM Partner (aka T-Mobile)
so you will need a BYOD SIM (amazon also sells this )
if GSM coverage is not good for you Republic support can send a New CDMA SIM to convert the phone to that network)

note Republic is currently selling the BYOD SIM for Free with Free Shipping, Amazon it’s $5 with Prime Shipping

also I will not you will be moved to the New my Choice plans when you make this upgrade Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless


The SIM in your 1st Gen Moto X should also stay there in case you want to pass it along to another user or reactivate in the future. It doesn’t have memory to hold apps, contacts or other information on the phone.



Hi. Thank you for replying. Yes, I do recall that this Moto X is on the Sprint platform.

It was my intention to continue using Republic Wireless after purchasing the G5 Plus from Amazon, so I think I understand that my Moto X Sim won’t work in the G5 Plus Amazon phone.

I will need to buy a new SIM card from Republic Wireless if I buy the Amazon G5 Plus.


RW is currently offering the BYOP SIMs at $0 with free shipping. You can also purchase the SIM from Amazon at the same time as the phone. @drm186 provided a link in his earlier reply.



My Moto G4 Play worked fine on RW with a BYOD GSM (T-Mobile?) SIM, even though I had a few months earlier been unsuccessful in using (a different, GSM-only phone) on MintSIM (a T-Mobile-based MVNO). Fortunately, since the Moto phones (at least for the past few years) are “universal unlocked,” one can use either a GSM or a CDMA SIM in them without switching devices. (F.ex., I had been a Tello (Sprint-based MVNO) customer before switching to RW.)


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