Will a Motorola e5 Supra work with Republic?

I have one with Cricket Wireless and am interested in switching

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The Motorla e5 Supra is not currently supported by Republic. Please see the following article for supported devices: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help . I hope that helps!

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Sorry, but no.

Republic only supports certain model North American Factory unlocked phones.
The list previously provided is the list.

A phone that is made for an other carrier will not work with Republic.
Nor will “carrier unlocked” phones, those are carrier modified phones.
This is because RW uses special and Propitiatory Hybrid calling tech that only a Factory Unlocked phones can use.

The Moto E5 Supra is exclusive to Cricket and is a re-branded Moto E5 Plus (Republic has never supported other carrier versions of it’s supported phones so I would not expect to see this phone added)
Currently one of the requirements for a phone to work on Republic is that it be the North American (US Regional) Factory Unlocked
Motorola has not released a North American Factory Unlock of the Moto E5 or Moto E5 Plus (Supra)

Thanks everyone! I’ll just go ahead and buy a Moto X4, and then go ahead and transfer my number. It’ll save me money in the long run anyway :slight_smile:


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