Will a My Moto G5 Plus SIM Card work in an unlocked Pixel 4a?

I would like to know if the SIM card I currently have in my Moto G5 Plus will work with a Google Pixel 4a (Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): GA02099-US)?

From Can I Use My Old SIM Card in My New Phone? – Republic Help :

There are multiple types of SIM cards. If yours is GSM, it can be moved to your new phone. If it is not GSM, open a Help Ticket for a replacement SIM card.

  1. How to tell if a SIM card is GSM for an activated, working 3.0 phone
  2. How to tell if a SIM card is GSM by looking at the SIM card

I just did this successfully. I bought a Pixel 4a from Amazon a couple of days ago, because Republic was out of stock. Just took the RW SIM card from my Moto G5 Plus, put it in the Pixel and everything works as expected.


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