Will a new sim card give me visual voice mail on my Pixel 3a?

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Issue Description

the New 5.0 plans (new SIM) do not currently support Visual Voicemail (it is on the roadmap but its unknown on when it will be coming) (also note there is no annual plan currently for 5.0 plans)

the 4.0 My choice visual Voicemail issues are due to a Google Phone app update (It’s not just Republic that has the issues it’s on other carriers also)

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I’m wondering if it’s happening on all carriers. When I googled it today, I didn’t see any current complaints. I would be surprised if Google didn’t immediately hop on the problem if their Pixel phones are being affected on the major carriers. If just a few smaller MVNOs are experiencing difficulties, they may move more slowly.

Hi @andrewl.vo0m9t,

While I don’t have a Pixel to test, I moved an activated 5.0 SIM card into a Moto G Power today and found that Visual Voicemail did actually work. This was a complete surprise to me, as we had been assured it was not a feature of the 5.0 plans.

I don’t want you to rush to place an order based on this alone, but I do hope that as others are able to activate phones on the 5.0 plans, they’ll let us know if they also see Visual Voicemail working in the Phone app.

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As per this list… visual voicemail appears to be working on a Pixel 3a on a 5.0 plan