Will a T-Mobile Nexus 6 work on your network to be on the new 3.0 plans?

I currently have a Moto X2nd gen i am on the no Internet plan. I wanted to know if i could buy a T-Mobile Nexus 6 because I like it’s big 6" screen can i put it on your 3.0 no Internet plan or does it have to be unlocked? I’m asking because your 3.0 plans are on the T-Mobile network so it should not matter right? I know it will cost $5 more than my old plan but i think it’s worth it to have a bigger screen and to be on T-Mobile network since Sprint is very bad in my area.

the Nexus 6 is on the approved list just make sure it’s the XT-1103 Model


Nexus 6 by Motorola (XT1103)

  • (Apps → Settings → About phone → Regulatory information → Model)
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