Will a UK data-only sim card work in my old Republic 3g

I’m traveling to London for a week and I want to be able to use Google maps to get around the city.

Can I put a data-only sim card in my old Republic Moto g3? I don’t need calling, just data.

This isn’t my current phone - my Republic account isn’t on it. It’s just a phone I have laying around.

Hi Melissa, Welcome to the community. It will not. The G3 is a CDMA only phone which won’t work in Europe and in addition has a modified OS that means only Republic SIM cards will work in the phone.

You can simply download the maps in advance and not need a connection at all: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6291838?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en


Okay, too bad. Thanks for your answer.

Another question: Would it work in my Republic Moto G6 phone? It’s a GSM phone, but it’s not one of the new, unlocked, 3.0 phones.

Re: downloading google maps, I’m aware of the option, but the downloaded maps don’t show transit options or give live directions. And I’ve created a custom map, and that won’t work with the downloaded maps, either. Unfortunately.

The G6 is an unlocked 3.0 phone and yes, it can use a foreign SIM.

Do you mean live traffic? Because it does provide routes and rerouting live even with offline maps.

Excellent! I’ll plan on using my G6.

I’ll be taking transit while I’m there, and with data, I can ask for directions, and Google maps will show me what buses or trains I can take, where the appropriate bus stops and tube stations are, etc. Without data, it’s just a map. Better than nothing, but not as good as what I’m used do doing with my phone. Plus, I’ve loaded my custom Google map with a lot of sites, restaurants, etc. that I want to try.

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