Will annual 4.0 plans auto-renew, or will I have to switch to a new plan?

I have a MyChoice plan that ends in January. I’m currently happy with the level of service and level of cost, and if I can just let it automatically renew, that would be wonderful. However, I wasn’t able to find anything in the announcements that specifically mentioned 4.0 plans being able to be renewed one way or the other. If it won’t be able to be automatically renewed, I need to start getting things in order to find a new plan and I’d prefer not to be without cell service for a month or two while I figure it out haha.

Hello @hollowWorld,

You can. :+1:
You’re fine and there is no need for you to jump to the new plans if you are happy now.

Here is a good post with some FAQ’s that can be of interest:


Great, thank you! Much appreciated.