Will annual plans be pro-rated if I switch to 5.0?

I have two lines on My Choice annual plans which just auto-renewed a few months ago. I would like to switch to the new 5.0 plans and take advantage of phones that aren’t compatible with the old plan (Mainly Google Pixel 5a).

If I make the switch to the new 5.0 plans, will I lose the money I have already paid into my annual plans? Will they be pro-rated/refunded? Or am I out of luck here?


Hi @momo and welcome to the Community!

You will not lose your investment in your annual plan. You will, however, not receive a refund. Rather, the unused portion of your annual plan will be applied as a credit to your account to be used for future month’s payments. I say future month’s payments because when purchasing a 5.0 plan, one pays for the first month’s service at purchase.

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Thanks that’s exactly what I was hoping for!