Will Any Small Phones with Good Cameras come to Republic soon?


Hi all,

I have been a Republic user with my husband for about a year and a half and I really like the service. I am needing a much better phone now than my 1st gen Moto E, particularly bigger storage and a better camera for work needs. There are many phones in the store and supported/byod that have good cameras, but it has been really hard for me to find a phone that is still small and easy to hold in my hand but still has the good camera/storage.

Do you know if any smaller bodied phones with good specs will be coming to the plan any time soon? Thank you!



I think the real question is, will any small phones with good cameras come to the market? It is quite challenging to find such a phone actually out there in the market. What phone did you have in mind?



That’s a great point louisdi, I know the trend is toward larger screen sizes. I like that my current Moto E has about a 4" screen, but I know that isn’t likely to exist on the newer phones coming out. 5.5" seems much too large to me, so as much less than that as I can get would be very helpful. My minimum desired camera specs are 10 MP and at least 32 gb storage.

At the beginning of my search for an upgrade, I ordered a Samsung S6 from eBay that appeared compatible and the seller said was good with Republic, but ended up being the T-Mobile model. I really liked that phone but it seems too hard to get the exact model on the internet. I’ve researched the Google Pixel as well. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks so much!



The new Motorola X4 when it’s released is 5.2 inches. So that’s bit smaller then 5.5 inches and may be acceptable.

Understand that this phone is missing the new low frequency band that TMobile is releasing in rural areas that don’t currently have a low frequency band. Unfortunately, no other phone that Republic supports has this new low frequency band either. Anyhow, for most folks this isn’t much of an issue, but you should be aware of it when buying in expensive phone and if you are planning to use it in rural America on TMobile’s network.

I would expect Republic to carry it when it gets released, as Republic has a history of using Motorola phones.

If you are willing to leave Republic Wireless, then you might want to look at the Sony XZ1 compact. It’s expensive but very small. B&H Photo also has some older Sony compacts that are much cheaper.

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The Google Pixel and Pixel 2 both have a 5.0 inch display and a good camera.



Same is true for most phones (and TMB MVNOs). The only phone out right now with B71 is the LG V30. Not even the new Pixel 2 or iPhone X has it.

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Well it’s something to be aware of if you plan to use the phone in a rural area with poor TMobile coverage before you put down 4 to 6 Benjamins on a new phone.

As an alternative, one might buy a used or cheaper phone and wait it out until this frequency shows up on more phones.



My trusty old Moto G1 finally gave up and I bought a Google Pixel. It is a small phone and it works great on RW. The camera is quite amazing, great quality pictures in any light. I turned on the setting so that after I take a picture, it automatically uploads it to Google Photos via WiFi (I turned off uploading by Cellular so I don’t waste my data allocation.)

I recommend the Pixel as long as you just file your credit card bill without looking at it.

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Could you provide an idea of the price range that you’re open to considering? As several people have mentioned, the Google Pixel and/or Pixel 2 might just fit this bill, provided your wallet approves that somewhat pricey bill. :joy:

@marshallh mentioned B&H Photo and I wholeheartedly second this recommendation. If you go to their website and then click on “Mobile” in the horizontal list of option links, you can then choose “Unlocked Cell Phones” from the sublist that pops up. You can then search by brand. Their pricing is very good–Galaxy S7 for $450, S7 Edge is $475 and S8 is $625–and they only charge sales tax on NJ and NY orders, so that can be a significant discount. BUT, specifically look for the “North American Variant” of whatever phone you might be looking at there because they also sell International versions of many phones and those aren’t compatible with RW.

The Samsung phones listed above are only suggestions based on your mentioning a Galaxy S6 in your post. They sell quite a few unlocked phones of different brands.

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