Will blocked calls/text show on call and message history?


Using the built-in call blocking with Moto G5 Plus. If a blocked number attempts to call/text will it show on call and message history?



Hi @ambere.yp3dfq,

All the built in call blocking does is send the call to voicemail, so if the unwanted caller leaves a voicemail you’ll see that on your phone. Whether voicemail is left or not, you’ll see the call in online call history when signed into your Republic account here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless. I just tested this on my Moto E4+, which has the same call blocking feature as your G5+.



Hi Rolandh - thanks for your reply! What about text messages? Would those show in online call history?



You’re quite welcome!

Yes, blocked text messages will also show in online call history. Please note, they’ll only be blocked on your phone when using Google’s Android Messages as your default messaging app.

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