Will BYOP Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U work on republic


I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 from another source and use it on republic wireless. The Samsung Galaxy S7 phones I have found are SM-G930U but they say they will not work with Sprint or Verizon Networks. Will they work on republic wireless? I know I need to purchase a republic SIM, but I want to make sure the phone will work on Repbulic before buying it.



The SM-G930U is the factory unlocked version and will work with Republic.



The phone should work on Sprint and Verizon as well. I’m not sure where you heard it wouldn’t work with those networks, but it can work with both of Republic’s cell partners, both Sprint and the infamous unnamed GSM partner.



Warning. If this is a used 930U being sold on eBay it could be a different model re flashed with 930U firmware. If this is the case I recommend not buying it.



The re flashed 930Us generally don’t work on CDMA.



As long as your phone has it’s original operating system (has not been flashed or altered to or converted to SM-G930U) it will work with Republic Wireless, It will also work with any carrier that will accept it. It works both on CDMA and GSM networks.



Correct – @wendib See here for more info: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone



Thank you so much! This link was very helpful!!



Is there any way to tell if a Galaxy S7 is the genuine article and has not been flashed with SM-G930U firmware? I ordered one from a third party and have the option to return it within 30 days if it is unsatisfactory. I would rather not activate it on RW if it will never have the capability to operate on CDMA.



I have a co-worker who apparently has one, and a big hint was to look at the back of the phone where the model number is indicated. If it’s not the model they announced, it’s probably wrong. Also, if it’s not unlocked for both GSM and CDMA (if they say Sprint and Verizon won’t activate) it’s not real.



@garyv You can start with installing the Republic Wireless app to see if the app accepts the phone.

Please see @louisdi comment:

The genuine phone will work with CDMA. You would need to open a ticket with Republic Wireless regarding a CDMA SIM:



I’m sorry, but that’s not correct. The App can’t tell that the phone isn’t originally a “U” version. It only becomes evident if one attempts to activate the CDMA portion of the phone.

The only way I know to tell is to check if it can be CDMA activated.

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Well, then check to see if Knox Counter is tripped would be the way to go.



Unfortunately that’s not always reliable either. Most of these sellers have obtained Samsung signed images and are able to use Odin to flash the officially signed image without tripping Knox.

Because of this users really are at the mercy of the seller. From what I’ve found, although they’re not being honest when advertising them as the “U” version, they do disclosed in their listings that they can not be CDMA activated when that’s the case.



Good to know. But, it’s a shame, caveat emptor.



I found this article that gives methods to display the model number of a phone. Will this tell me if I have a genuine SM-930U?



The issue isn’t the chipset in the phone (unless one is talking about a phone that began life as an International variant). The issue is phones that began life as carrier branded for Verizon, Sprint or U.S. Cellular (the operators of CDMA networks in the U.S.) are whitelisted for use only on the respective network they were originally produced for. In other words a phone produced for Verizon’s network typically won’t work on Sprint and vice versa.

Flashing the factory unlocked firmware does not change a particular phone’s IMEI/MEID. The IMEI/MEID is what determines whether a particular phone will activate on a specific CDMA network. GSM technology doesn’t use network whitelists. If a GSM capable phone is hardware compatible with a GSM network, it will activate.

In short, the only way to be certain whether the phone you’ve acquired originated as factory unlocked or carrier branded is to ask the seller and hope they’re telling the truth. If the seller in question is saying the phones won’t activate on CDMA, they’re tacitly admitting the phone was originally carrier branded, then reflashed period.

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Rolandh, thanks for your clear explanation of the issue. I guess what we need is a consumer accessible database that allows us to look up the pedigree of a specific IMEI/MEID. I understand the carriers have access to that type of database.



You’re most welcome!

You know I kind of like the idea but, somehow, I don’t see the carriers liking it much. CDMA (as technology nothing to do with coverage) never really accounted for the concept of an unlocked phone that might be moved from one network to another. The concept originated with GSM and attempts to bolt it on to CDMA have been mediocre at best.



While I generally shy away from recommending 3rd party websites to check things like this, there are online databases where you can check the device model (if the seller is willing to provide you with the IMEI of the phone.)

For example: http://www.imeipro.info/samsung_imei_check.html

If it shows anything other than the “U” version next to the model for the S7, it is a no-go for Republic service.

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