Will CDMA sims still work January 1, 2022

The Motorola phones we purchased last year did not have service with GSM. RW sent CDMA sims and we have service. Sounding like our area may no longer have CDMA coverage January 1, 2022. Is this true? These old folks can’t be without a phone to call for help. Need to plan ahead. Can anyone tell us if the changes will take out our service/cell signal on CDMA?

Your CDMA SIM card will continue to function as it does now after 1/1. The network that supports that SIM isn’t scheduled for any changes until June and today’s Republic announcement hasn’t provided any indication that the coming changes will impact how service is delivered on the My Choice CDMA activated phones.

I have read that T-Mobile is now planning to shut down CDMA on March 31.

From their web site announcement dated 10/22/21: "We have made the decision to extend our deadline for the CDMA sunset by three months to March 31, 2022. "

I believe that the June date is for shut down of 3G.

Of course, they could delay it again.

T-Mobile Network Evolution

Very common confusion.

  1. There is CDMA, which is actually a 2G technology, which is what is what was postponed to 3/31/2022.

  2. There is the shorthand of CDMA SIM that has been used by Republic (and the industry) to address the SIM in My Choice phones on the former Sprint Network. In reality, there is no such thing as a CDMA SIM, a SIM in a CDMA capable My Choice phone is actually an LTE SIM.

Put those two things together and you’ve got two situations at Republic:

  1. Actual CDMA phones that use CDMA for calling, these are the non-VoLTE phones, specifically the legacy Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1, E2, Defy, that will stop working when the CDMA network is shutdown (March 31, 2022 as of right now).

  2. Phones we’ve called “CDMA” phones because they use the former Sprint network but are actually LTE phones that use VoLTE for calling. These phones will NOT be impacted by the 2G CDMA shutdown in March. They will however be potentially impacted by T-Mobile’s plans to shut down the former Sprint LTE network in June. I specifically say potentially because what we don’t know is if T-Mobile will simply absorb the SIMs over on to their network or if new SIMs will be necesssary.


Thank you. We use the Sprint network/cdma sim because T mobile service not good in our rural area. Wish I knew how to find out if we will need to find a new carrier? All clear as mud to me.

Theoretically, T-Mobile’s network will improve in such areas as T-Mobile integrates Sprint’s network footprint into its own.

Understood and many industry wide not just Republic members share the same concerns.

There is time for the mud to be cleared away. I’m confident, Republic will have more to say as any shutdown dates draw closer.

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Thank you for taking he time to explain. Much appreciated. Will keep watch!

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My wife has gotten her service from Sprint directly. They are actively asking their customers to replace their Sprint sim with a new T-Mobile sim, sent her one for free. They say, or at least imply, that the new sim will provide better coverage. That doesn’t mean the old sims won’t keep working but they sure want people to change them.

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