Will Google WIFI Router work with Spectrum


I’m thinking of purchasing this Google Wifi System Router replacement | Republic Wireless to replace the leased WiFi router,but I don’t know if it will work with Spectrum.


Here is a discussion that appears to be on Spectrum, and it looks like it worked in single mode, but not in the meshed 3 node environment. See New Moto e4 won't talk to Google Wifi
You may want to reach out to Spectrum as requirements may differ for the service you have.


Without knowing what you are using now, it’s difficult to say. If you have one of the combined modem/Wi-Fi routers, you would need to buy/lease a separate modem to use with the Google Wi-Fi router (it’s only a router, it does not contain a modem).


I have Spectrum at two different locations. One has the leased combo unit and the other is a leased modem and separate router.

The latter works much, much better although it is used in a smaller, less dense environment.


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