Will I be able to keep my number? Current customer planning on buying new phone

I am going to buy a Moto G 4th Generation Phone. (It is on the compatible list)

I am currently a Republic Wireless customer who has the Moto G 1st Generation.

Will I get to keep my current phone number even though I will need to buy a new SIM card?

during activation of the SIM in a qualified phone like the Moto G4 you will be able to login to your account and select either a line upgrade or new line, select your current line and it will be moved over

Activate My Phone

Hi @phillipv,

It sounds like you’re acquiring the G4 somewhere other than Republic’s online store. Nothing wrong with that but you’ll want to read this first: Republic Wireless Coverage.

I just bought my phone through republic wireless. So it will show up on my account.

Once my new phone comes in the mail, since it comes with the sim card already there, I can just transfer my info over and keep my number right? That is my understanding of what the links and stuff say

Hi @phillipv ,

When you activate the phone, if you follow the steps in the document @drm186 provided, you will sign into the Republic app using the same Republic Wireless account credentials you used for the existing phone. As you continue through the activation process, the app will ask you whether you want to activate the phone as a new line of service, or to replace a current phone. You’ll select the current phone whose number you want to move to the new phone, and the app will activate the phone with that number, deactivating the old phone.

If something in the process should go awry and you end up with a new number, just let our Support team know and they can straighten things out for you.

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