Will Moto e 4 phone transfer from sprint to republic


Please let me know if my Moto e 4 phone that I am using with Sprint, will transfer to Republic Wireless ok? I have a sim card from Republic, now will you create an account for me?


Probably. The easiest way to check is to install the Republic App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.republicwireless.tel) and it will tell you if the phone is compatible.

If it is, you’ll need a SIM card: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

Once you have the SIM, you’ll use the Republic App (with the SIM in the phone) to create your account.


the easiest way to tell if a phone in hand is compatible is to install the republic 3.0 app
once install the app will tell you if the phone is compatible
the compatible model is the XT-1768 for the base Moto E4 and XT-1775 for the Moto E4 Plus
if you have the Republic BYOD SIM you would need to install it and go though the activation via the Republic App on the phone


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