Will Moto X still work as stand-alone device after number is transferred to new phone?


What phone do you have?
Moto X 1st Gen

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Data, talk and Text

I am upgrading next week to a Samsung Galaxy S8 (byop and keeping Republic ) - although my Moto X has served me well for 5 years.

My main question is whether or not the apps that are on the Moto X - such as the camera and gallery, wunderlist, and my password keeper – will still work (on the old phone) when the number is transferred to my new phone. These apps are local and work fine in airplane mode.

I purposefully have NOT set up these accounts to sync to the cloud and just want to know if the phone, since it does not have a normal SIM card, will still work as a hand-held device.


yes it will when a phone is deactivated it will act like a mini WiFi Tablet (this is true for all modern cell phones)


Thank you so much for your rapid reply. I was unsure if the Republic SIM set-up changed things somehow.


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