Will Moto X2 SIM work in Moto G4?

I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for a few years now, and the battery in my Moto X (2nd Gen, Customized at purchase through MyMoto) is either going to turn out to be dead, or no longer reliable. I’m investigating whether or not it is going to be cost effective to try to replace the battery, buy someone’s old RW Moto X2, or just get a Moto G4.

I am aware that I’ll have to move from my beloved Refund plan (between my wife and I, our bill is usually no more than $35! Yay!), to a new 3.0 plan, and am taking that into consideration.

Now, the big question. I need to have a working cell phone ASAP (I have no home hard line).

Will the SIM card from a Republic Wireless Moto X2 work in an unlocked Moto G4?

Hi @richards.0d6bv4,

It will not. Republic’s new phones require new SIMs. When purchased from Republic, the SIM is included. When purchased elsewhere, you’ll need to purchase separately a Republic 3.0 SIM. You may do so from Republic here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here: http://a.co/87ZjJPV.

Additionally, bring your own phones operate on the network of Republic’s GSM partner rather than Sprint. More on that here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

Everything else one might want to know about Republic 3.0 is here: Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs.

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