Will Moto Z Play Get Oreo and Moto X PE vs Moto Z Play Screen

I have two questions. First, can anyone tell me if the Moto Z Play gets Oreo at some point. Also, does anyone know how long Moto Z Play will be supported. Another question I have is the Moto Z Play’s screen. I’m actually trading my Moto X PE for a Moto Z Play for a small fee. The only thing I don’t like about the Moto Z Play is that it doesn’t have a 4K screen and the Moto X PE does. That said, the Moto Z Play has a 1080 AMOLED screen. Is there a big difference between 4K and 1080P on a phone? What I mean to say is…I know there’s a difference, but is it really that noticeable?

I bought my wife a Moto E4 and it too has a 1080P screen, but it’s not AMOLED, it’s an IPS screen. The Z Play has a lot more to offer I think over the Moto X PE, but I have say, I really hate giving up the 4K screen. I know the Moto Z has it, but I can’t afford that. I just want to know everyone’s opinion on this. Thanks!

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Regarding Oreo:

You may find this video comparing 2K to 1080 on a cell phone. Personally I think 4K on a phone is just a selling point.

As a side note Moto Pure will not get Oreo and who knows when it will get Nougat. This is what I found regarding Moto Pure and Nougat:


The Defy XT which was released 5 years ago is still supported (although not for new activations). All the 2.0 phones are still supported (RW custom versions of Moto X, G, E).

You can draw your own conclusions based on this history… I don’t think you will get a definitive answer to this question. No contract service cuts both ways!

I red supported meaning by manufacture and OS updates
which Motorola is 2 years after release (or 2 major OS updates on Flagships)

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From my understanding, after a certain resolution point, the human eye can’t ascertain the difference in resolution, and personal preference comes into play. I had a cheap Kyocera phone years ago that was 960 x 540 display, and I still think that was best screen I ever had (even though I currently have Moto X Pure)…

distance from the eye is a factor, the why we hold our phones for most viewing 1080 is find (the 4K is really only need when using as a VR headset like Google cardboard or Samsung VR headset where the screen is inches from the eye)

Inches from the eye, cut in half and magnified. With my Galaxy S8, when it is in the Gear VR, I can still clearly make out the pixels despite the screen having a 2960x1440 resolution.

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