Will my message history transfer from my moto g 1st gen to moto g 4th gen

I bought my daughter a moto g 4th generation (to replace her moto g 1st gen.) We’ve set up the new phone (4th gen), and followed the steps to transfer her data. Looks like all has transferred except screenshots, messaging and Amazon video. She is most concerned with losing her group text history and screen shots. I haven’t activated the new phone through RW website yet. Is there another step we need to take? The green “text” icon does not exist on the 4th gen phone - only the blue “messenger”. Most of the others on her group message have iphones, and she’s concerned that “Messenger” won’t be compatible/ she’ll be dumped off her group messages.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

There is a setting in Google Photos that you to enable to sync your screenshots

Go to Google Photos

Settings -> Backup and Sync -> Backup device folders

Here you can enable Screenshots and any other folders that you might want to backup

For texts/SMS you will need a third party app such as

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

On the new phone, you will need to use Google Messenger recently renamed Android Messages

as your default SMS app. When you update Messenger…it will update to its latest name Android Messages.

See here for additional details

Troubleshooting Texting Issues

The fact that other friends have iphones should not have specific impact on her ability to participate in group texts.

The one thing, that is different with the 3.0 phones is you have to make sure to keep Cellular Data and Data Roaming

enabled in your settings, even if your plan does not include any data.

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