Will my Moto G4 work with Republic Wireless if its rooted?

I ordered a Moto G4 from Amazon and bought the SIM card from Republic Wireless. To my lack of studying, I discovered that the Amazon phone was filled with bloatware so I decided to root it and install a different ROM. After doing so successfully, I inserted the SIM card from Republic and now it says that my phone isn’t on the list of accepted phones. Help please!!!

Hi @carae.lun18m

I am most certain the community can only advise you to open a Support request.

There maybe options available, but I am going to hope you have a backup image?.

Rooting and User Modification

Hi @carae.lun18m,

Rooting the phone isn’t the issue per se. Almost certainly installing the alternative ROM is. Republic does not support custom ROMs installed by end users. That’s not to say some won’t work, however, when they don’t Republic will not support making it work.

Community may be able to help, however, we need to be certain, which flavor of the G4 you have. You tagged both the G4 and G4 PLUS in your post. So, do you have the G4, G4 PLUS or perhaps, the G4 Play?

Alternatively, you might consider a conversation with Motorola. That conversation may be started here: Live Chat.

I agree with @rolandh that your custom ROM is the issue. Re-installing the stock ROM from Moto should be your first step. Look for instructions on where to download a copy of it (if you didn’t do that as part of the unlocking process) wherever you went to get the rooting info. If installing the stock ROM re-locks the phone you can use the same unlocking code from Moto to unlock it again and then proceed to remove any bloatware. If de-bloating breaks the RW service then undo the most recent change and restore what turned out to be a necessary piece… So limit removals to a manageable bundle-size or finding the needed app among the discarded will be more complicated.

Then you might start looking for compatible ROMs. As noted there are several that will work, but they are not supported by RW; they can’t take on the job of troubleshooting every conceivable ROM, much less ones that have been further modified by the phone user. If you ever need warranty work or other troubleshooting from Moto or RW you will need to have a stock ROM installed in order for them to help you – and to prove the issue is hardware-related. For OTAs you must also have the stock Recovery running and all critical system files present or the update/upgrade won’t install.

There a few threads here that contain some info on ROMs that will work. Use keywords custom rom.

I know everything everywhere says there are many risks including bricking. Repetition of this here is part of that attempt to inspire good practices at least.

Back ups. 'Nuff said.

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