Will my Moto G7 work with version 5.0?

I own 2 Moto G7 phones which were purchased from Republic Wireless in December 2019.
Will WiFi calling work with these phones on the new 5.0 plan?

Hi @jamesm.e9vfm5 ,

Yes Wi-Fi calling will work for your Moto g7s on the new plans.

Greetings! Please direct me to the list of 5.0 phones that have a “Y” under the “wifi calling” column. Thanks.

Hi @ceedee ,

I don’t believe there is a public list yet like there was for the My Choice phones.
The list I’m aware of has the moto g7 (plus and power) but I’m not seeing the regulat g7. So @jamesm.e9vfm5… let me or others dig a little deeper to make sure the g7 plain will work. (I would be shocked if it don’t but you never know).

I ask because @rolandh is suggesting that customers try a SIM first before porting (which I hold him is nuts!). I have a G Power (2020), and I rely on WiFi calling 100% in my home, so a WiFi calling list is very important to me.

Thanks for all your help here.

There is a public list of phones certified for bring your own phone with Republic’s new 5.0 plans here:

Certified means, according to AT&T, that a phone should have WiFi calling on 5.0 plans. That said, I’m a trust but verify guy. Therefore, I would suggest testing one’s phone before making the commitment to 5.0.

Here’s how I answered a similar question earlier today:

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Thanks for posting that @rolandh !
No regular G7 on the list tho? :frowning:

Understood, but I’m a “trust, but YOU verify” kind of customer.


What if WiFi calling does not work?
I understand that once you start the 5.0 Plan that you cannot go back to the MyChoice Plan.
Is this correct?
Are you just out of luck with your current 2 year old phone?

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As I expect you know, Republic’s Community Ambassadors are fellow members (customers) just like you. Right now, I no more have the ability to do the testing than you do. Once I acquire a 5.0 SIM I will test against those phones available to me but that won’t be nearly all My Choice compatible phones.

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Candidly, right now, we don’t have the definitive answer to the question of whether WiFi calling will work with your current phone on 5.0

You are correct.

Is there a critical need to move to a 5.0 plan now? Your My Choice plan is grandfathered and your current service will continue to work as it has. I suggest waiting for more information.